What is Artist Website Design?


Good artist website design is very important

Branding through your website design

The first thing art buyers see when viewing your art is your website - not your art. This is why it is very important that your website and online presence adequately represent the brand you are trying to sell. Having a poor first impression because of old websites or websites that are not user-friendly speak poorly to your brand.

Non-website alternatives are not good enough

Strictly having social media or an online store speaks poorly to your brand as it does nothing to identify your brand as unique - you are one of many on the same platform. Additionally, solely focusing on online stores or social media means that your beautiful art is being sold on the same platform as key chains and other trinkets.


Modern web design - Truly Responsive Websites

Responsive web design refers to the ability of new website design to conform and respond to a device’s orientation, size, and behavior. Being able to view a full website on a mobile device, tablet, or differing computer screens is important for the user-experience.

Based on the type of platform on which a user is viewing a website, a website can sometimes cut out certain content or make content difficult to access. When this happens the website and the web design is said to be non-responsive.

Many artists fall into the trap of free or very inexpensive template-based artist web designs. There is a reason for the low price - the back-end coding is outdated and obsolete when it comes to being able to view the website on different types of devices.

Modern web design utilizes coding that allows websites to “flex” and change shape in order to accommodate multiple devices with differing screen sizes and resolution, as well as different size computer screens. This includes mobile-friendly web designs.

Being able to change shape and flex in order to meet the orientation and screen requirements of devices is what makes a web design responsive. Responsive web design is very important for artist websites as it enables patrons and buyers to view artwork on mobile phones, tablets, and small and large computer screens.


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