What is Artist SEO


Artist SEO is how you find customers!

Investing in Artist SEO is by far the most important element of artist digital marketing. Artist SEO can have exceptional results that greatly increase the rate of visibility to consumers as compared to other types of artist digital marketing and promotion.

Artist SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to how your website is ranked on Google searches as well as other search engines. Achieving a top rank so Google directs traffic to your website is an involved process encompassing special artist web design and special artist web management to “optimize” your website for Google and other search engines.

To find out what “optimize” means, keep reading below.

To understand how Artist SEO helps a website we must first touch on how search engines operate. The majority of web traffic is driven by the major search engines of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (let’s use Google as an example). Google functions as a directed telephone book, providing users targeted search results based on what users are looking for.
When art patrons are searching for genres of art, search engines such as Google direct art patrons to artists’ websites that are specially constructed and managed in a manner that emphasises their genre or specialty (optimized). This is called being SEO-friendly and is a sign of good artist digital marketing.

When art patrons are searching for your genre of art and your sight does not show up in the top results from Google, that means that you have poor Artist SEO. In other words, your website’s construction and management has not emphasized your genre or specialty and therefore Google does not show your websites to art patrons who are searching for your genre or specialty.



How does Artist SEO fit into “optimize”.

Artist SEO is a digital marketing technique that focuses on increasing visibility in organic (non-paid) Google search results. Artist SEO encompasses the implementation of creative web design and creative web management techniques, alongside technical research and Google analytics to improve an artist’s website’s ranking on Google and other search engines based on their genre or specialty.

Artist SEO is the foundation of artist digital marketing and includes optimizing web design to not only emphasis a genre or speciality, but creating content that alerts Google to recognize your website as an “authority” to your genre or speciality. Ongoing content additions and updates are also necessary to ensure Google “sees” your website building your “authority” in your genre or speciality.

Artist SEO improves ranking and directly converts to increased traffic on an artist’s website - providing more publicity, exposure, and revenue than any other form of digital marketing. Although social media and other types of marketing such as email marketing increase traffic to your website, these increases are limited to specific content postings, and content timings.

Artist SEO surpasses all other forms of digital marketing because it not only encompasses social media marketing; Artist SEO creates a “permanent” online marketing structure that allows millions of art patrons the ability to find your website through Google.

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