What is Artist Digital Marketing?


Artist Digital Marketing is by far the most comprehensive and successful form of marketing that exists. A proper digital marketing campaign far surpasses any traditional form of marketing.

If you are not taking advantage of the internet to market your artwork you are missing out on the greatest opportunity to market your artwork to art collectors. Digital media is so pervasive that art patrons have access to artwork and artist information at any time and at any place.

Artist Digital Marketing is a general term that is used to describe marketing artwork to art patrons using integrated marketing techniques such as SEO, website content creation, social media, mobile apps, online advertising, and email marketing - to name a few.  Artist Digital Marketing takes place on multiple platforms, the internet, mobile phones, social media, email, etc.


Branding, branding, branding.

Digital marketing allows artists control over their brand and message by allowing them the opportunity to approach art patrons and provide them their information. What makes your art unique… what makes you as an artist different from other artists...

Through innovative Artist Digital Marketing techniques artists are able to establish an online presence that is unique and distinguishable from other artists. There are multiple necessary steps before an artists can claim to have properly branded themselves from a digital marketing standpoint.

Simply uploading images of artwork on social media, or not investing the time and money into an aesthetically high-end web presence can hurt a brand.

Think of your Artist Digital Marketing strategies as ways to increase traffic to your online store - which is your website. Anything and everything you do to increase this traffic is Artist Digital Marketing.

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