Instagram is very important for artist Marketing

Make Instagram  an integral part of your Artist Digital Marketing


What do you think of when you hear the word Instagram? Do you think of a social media platform for celebrities to post pictures of themselves eating brunch on yachts? Maybe you haven’t even heard of it. The name “Instagram” could evoke images of an express graham cracker delivery services or modern day version of a singing telegram company with a very quick turn around. 

What you might not know that Instagram is one of the most important digital marketing services for artists. By posting your artwork on Instagram you are able to easily reach thousands of gallery owners and art patrons all across the world. A recent article in Forbes magazine talked about the importance of social media and Instagram for artist digital marketing.

In short, Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on images - making it a great digital marketing platform for artists.


Similar to Facebook in that you have to upload pictures and share them to your friends or “followers”, this platform is different in that the images themselves are emphasized as the most important part of the message. This makes it ideal for posting images of your art. Unlike Facebook, your artwork doesn’t run the chance of getting lost among all the different types of content.

And, unlike Facebook, where only 3% of posts are filtered in a users New Feed, Instagram has no filtering - all followers will see you post!

What do I mean by that? When you post something to Facebook, whether it be an image, a news article, or a status update, Facebook filters your contacts and limits how many people see your post. So even if you have 1000 friends on Facebook only an average of 3% of them will see what you post at any given time. With Instagram there is no filtering system so whatever image you post you know that it will reach every one of your followers and more if you make use of the right hashtags.

Now what is a hashtag? A hashtag is a certain word or phrase that you can include in your post that will tag your post and make it searchable by people looking for certain topics. For example, if you post a painting of a abstract piece in the caption you would write #abstractart #painting so that if any Instagram user searched for abstract art or paintings your work would show up. A great way to increase visibility for your artwork is to use popular art related hashtags every time you post.

Galleries are using Instagram as a tool to find new artists. If a gallery is looking for new work they use Instagram and search popular hashtags (i.e. #painting #sculpture #realism #modernart etc.) Once they find an artist whose work they are interested in they can contact them through Instagram or use any contact information that you add to your profile. Just by typing in the right words to your post you can make yourself discoverable to galleries throughout the globe!

Creating and maintaining an Instagram profile is an essential way for an artist to showcase their art in the digital age. From an artist digital marketing perspective Instagram  is the best social media tool to ensure that your art  reaches art lovers and patrons around the world. Best of all it is free to set up and curate, you just need to put in a little time and effort to optimize your profile and posts. Mastering Instagram is a doorway through which thousands of art lovers can access your work without you even leaving your studio.  

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