The Importance of a Well-Designed Website for Artist Digital Marketing

The look of your website could make or break your brand as an artist

Art is visual. This is a pretty obvious statement right? People respond to art based on how it looks. Whether an art patron gravitates towards realism versus abstract art, towards one color palette over another, it is all determined by how they feel when they look at a piece of artwork.

As the world grows steadily more and more digital, the primary way that people are viewing artwork is online. The attitude of many 21st century art patrons emphasizes the importance of accessibility. Why take time out of your day to visit an art gallery when you could click through the work of dozens of artists while sitting at your desk.

Website IS the first impression

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For an artist his/her website is often the first impression that an art patron has of the artist and their work. The impression that your art makes on a patron derives directly from the look of your website. Although it may seem judgmental and shallow, the look of your website will color visitors’ impression of you and your artwork.  

In an era where people are visiting hundreds of websites every week that are modern, easy to use, and sleek, if they visit your outdated and hard to navigate website, they will make a snap judgment about you as an artist, perhaps even before they see your artwork. This is why having a clean looking, modern, and user friendly website is so important to your brand as an artist.

Imagine your website as a gallery. Successful galleries design their interior in a way that best showcases their artwork. Your website is your gallery and it is equally as important to design your website to best showcase your artwork.

Don’t be in the Black Hole! Good website = Accessibility

In the 18th and 19th centuries the mark of a successful professional artist was having your artwork chosen to be exhibited by the Royal Academy of Arts at Burlington Hall in Piccadilly. The most prestigious artwork was exhibited in Gallery Two, at the front of the venue. The premier paintings of the exhibition were hung “on the line” or at eye level rather than up near the ceiling.

To continue with this art historical metaphor a well-designed website is like having your artwork exhibited in Gallery Two on the line. The opposite of this is having your artwork exhibited in the lecture hall, a space at the back of Burlington Hall known as the Black Hole. The worst case scenario for an artist chosen by The Royal Academy is having your artwork hung near the ceiling, skying it, in the Lecture Hall. A bad website is skying your artwork in the Black Hole of the digital age.  

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Branding, branding, branding

A well-designed website is a simple way to elevate your artist brand. What do I mean by that? Today, to showcase your art in the top international galleries you have to become one of the handful of artists chosen by the gallery director. However, as more and more art patrons are moving away from visiting physical galleries and towards online art browsing you can brand yourself as a top artist just by having a modern looking website. With very little time and effort you can influence how art patrons view your work and view you as an artist.

Not many artists are aware of the enormous benefit of having a well-designed personal website for their art. And as the art market is moving away from buying art from brick and mortar galleries and towards dealing personally with artists, this is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor and brand yourself as an prestigious artist online. Art is visual and first impressions are everything. Showcase yourself and more importantly your artwork in the best way possible.

Hang your artwork on the line in Gallery Two. Make sure you have a well-designed. artist website!