Facebook vs Artist Websites


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. People use it to connect with friends, most content, and even manage businesses. But is Facebook the best way to market yourself and your business as an artist? Is it better than having an artist website that uses artist website design? 

In this marketing tips for artists blog we will discuss the advantages of an artist portfolio website over a facebook business page and how an artist website can increase the success of digital marketing for artists.

NewsFeed Woes
The primary function of Facebook is the news feed. That is how people are able to see your posts. Users scroll through their newsfeed quickly to view snippets of content and taglines of information. Viewers might see your work, but the structure of the newsfeed - to “feed” as much information to users as possible - easily distracts viewers and encourages them to move onto the next items.

This structure does not allow art buyers to get absorbed in your art and does not allow them the opportunity to learn about your art before they are “moved” on to the next item that catches their eye.

Juxtapose this with seeing a piece of artwork on a website that has been created with artist website design in mind. The viewer has the opportunity to be absorbed and learn about your art because there is nothing pushing onward except more of your art!

Really Funny Cat Video Woes
Another disadvantage of using the Facebook newsfeed format to market yourself as an artist is the kind of content that your artwork is being displayed with. Most people use Facebook to post things like pictures of themselves or funny videos they want to share with their friends. When you use Facebook to post pictures of your artwork it gets lost in this type of content.

Do you want your piece or art to be caught between a photo album of a two year old’s birthday and a video of deep fried nachos? Or would you rather be able to control how your artwork is displayed online on a website for artists. With a personal artist website you can curate how your artwork is displayed through artist web design and create a page that is laid out in a manner that showcases your art in the best way possible and successfully utilizes marketing for artists.

Flea Market or Art Gallery?
Finally there is the idea of branding yourself as an artist using artist marketing techniques successfully. Professional artists have professional artist portfolio websites.

An artist who only has a business Facebook profile can cause his/her artwork to look amateurish. Compare it to a gallery that seeks to sell art through a professional looking gallery space with professional lighting and a gallery that seeks to sell artwork at a flea market - the professional gallery space brands itself higher on the list of trustworthiness and professionalism.

The same holds true for artists who have professional portfolio websites. On Facebook, your professional artist profile can get lost in the millions of personal profiles and amateur or hobbyist business profiles. Facebook is a flea market of businesses. However having a personal artist website that is created with artist website design in mind sets you apart from someone who is selling Star Wars art and helps your brand as a professional artist. Remember - your website is your gallery!

Part of the appeal of Facebook is that is a free and easy to set up a profile. However that means anyone can do it, not just professional artists. With an professional artist website potential customers will see that the time and effort you put into creating a personal artist portfolio website is the same time and effort you put into your art!

With these marketing tips for artists in mind, it’s easy to see why having a personal website for artists is one of the best things you can do for your brand as an artist. By using “marketing for artist” techniques and artist web design on your personal artist website you can increase the amount of good visibility you have online.