Rubix Art Marketing
putting the pieces together so you have more time for art

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The team at Rubix Art Marketing has been assisting artists in reaching collectors since 2007. Rubix Art Marketing has successfully connected thousands of artists to patrons and galleries across various mediums and platforms. The focus at Rubix Art Marketing is to remove the pressure of promotion and marketing from artists so they have more time to create art.

Rubix Art Marketing is unique among digital marketing services companies as it focuses entirely on artist online marketing. Rubix brings state-of-the-art technology and innovative marketing strategies to the art world.  Using our knowledge of marketing and technological trends, we have been able to use innovative methods and strategies to promote artists' artworks. 

Our complete suite of services, which range from website design, to search engine marketing, to mobile phone apps, place us at the top of innovative marketing services companies and we are proud to bring these innovative marketing services to artists.

"In an ever-increasing world of technology, Rubix Art Marketing seeks to bring the simplicity back to an artist's creative process by allowing them to focus on creating art."